Hello & Welcome to Manhattan Staging Blog

Hello and welcome to this blog and our new website.  Not sure if you know yet, but from drab to FAB has changed its name and is now Manhattan Staging.  We did this for two reasons.  First, we thought it was time to grow our name into our more mature business.  And Second, we thought it was a much easier name to remember.  Let's hope it works!!!!

This blog post is for me to talk about staging issues facing sellers who want to stage their apartments for themselves, issues facing professional stagers, or any questions you may have about life!!! :).  So let me know if you have any questions about staging, a future renovation or just general questions about life (HA!) and I'll be glad to give you my opinion.  And anyone who knows me, knows I have an opinion for just about everything.  

So welcome to my world and I hope we can have some fun together and well as share some information and maybe even bring about world peace.