Lighting and Staging

One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a stager is "what are the key elements of staging.  I always give the same answer.  Light, bright and space.  Today I'm going to talk about light and bright.  

Lighting is such a key element in any apartment staging.  It kinda cracks me up: everyone seems to want light and bright spaces and then they spend a lot of time, effort and money covering up that light!  But regardless, buyers want it so we always deliver it.  And I know any good broker comes into an apartment and turns on all the lights regardless of how much natural light is streaming through those windows.  

For me, there are several different types of light that I try to put into every room.  Of course, there's the natural light coming into the room from the windows.  Then I check to see whether or not there is another source of room light, which is usually an overhead light.  Third, I check for my favorite type of light, ambient light, which is given by table lamps and floor lamps.  For me, this is the most beautiful and welcoming light and fills the middle section of the room.  It creates that warm and friendly and inviting light.  And finally, there is task lighting for artwork, desks, bookcases, etc.  I try to give each of my rooms at least 3 of these different types of light.  For example, natural light from the window, overhead light from the ceiling and ambient light from lamps will make your room absolutely glow and feel welcoming.  

One more thought, if you don't have the overhead lighting in your room, then be sure to have 3 points of ambient lighting with table lamps and floor lamps.

Tip.  Never ever use compact fluorescent  lightbulbs when you're staging your apartment.  The color is too cold and the light is uneven.  I always use regular incandescent bulbs and ramp up to the highest wattage which is 75 watt these days.

You'll see how adding lighting to your room will enhance the natural light coming into the room and make your space feel lighter and brighter and much more inviting to buyers.